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How to clean a baseball cap wash a baseball hat professional hats factory AQL teach you

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How to clean a baseball cap wash a baseball hat professional hats factory AQL teach you


With the development of fashion trend,the hat is becoming one of the necessities in our life almost for everybody. The hat  not only help us protect sunblock for hot weather and keep our head warm in cold weather ,but also an impotant fashion decoration for us. For a long time wearing,sometimes we need to wash it,but most consumers don't know how to wash the cap? what's the best way to wash cap ? Now please follow professional hats factory Hong Kong AQL Company Limited to teach you,steps as below:


For light dirty mark,we could use a wet towel to clean it easily.

For heavy dirty mark,then there are more steps to clean it:

1.Use clean water cover the dirty part,then put on cleaner ,use brush scrub lightly.

2.The sweatband is the most impotant part to clean,as it touch our hairs and skin directly,wearing long time may have absorbed much sweat ,so we must clean the whole sweatband part.

3.After clean over we can have a simple  test which  using  clean water to scrub the dirty party to make sure droped water is clean.Pls note don't use tap rinsing wash directly ,it 's easy to make hats  out of shape.


4.Use hair drier blow it,the temperature should keep hot mid or small wind,the blowing mouth tend to the middle of the hat inner,as the hat wind could flow to sides,the hat fabric will abosorb mositure,and pls mind to keep the distance from the hair drier with the hat to avoid making hat burnt or  burn our hands.

5.When the cap drying,then we need to fix the shape,we can  put old newspaper into the hat instead of the professional hat mould to support the hat.The hat back buckle needs to be  adjusted into same size  as normal we wearing,then put here for  24  hours 

6.The last step you can use it as usually even if you donot wash the hats . roll the adhesive tapes into a circle  on your  hand except the thumb ,put mucilage glue side  outside,then we can touch the hats to  absorb short threads and dust  easily.

When you finished above steps then the hats will be fresh and clean again,pls mind don't use water clean frequently ,otherwise  hats will be  out of shape easily .

Remark:this cleaning way is  suitable for normal cotton fabric and acrylic fabric hats .More questions you can email to sales1@aqlinternational.cn ,more products you could visit the website: www.aqlinternational.cn 



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